About Blush & Olive

This blog has been a dream project of mine for a long time, and it’s finally coming alive!

If you’re wondering where the name Blush & Olive comes from; long story short: they are colours that I enjoy wearing. If you want the long story, here it is, and if you don’t, skip to the next paragraph! The long story is that when I started downsizing my wardrobe to begin my minimalism process, I realized that a lot of the clothing that I was keeping were neutral coloured: beiges, blacks, greys and whites. The only colourful pieces of garment remaining, that I really loved and still cherish, were…you guessed it, blush and olive coloured. As this blog project had been on my back burner for a while, I had an ‘ah ha!’ moment, and decided that I had found the name for my blog! Disappointed? Yeah, the story is a bit lame. Haha!

Why did I want to start writing a blog? I do and do not at the same time; I feel like there are so many things that I want to lay down on paper and share with the world, but also I feel like there are too many awkward topics to find a common thread to unite this blog under a single theme. I guess that’s why they came up with the category ‘Lifestyle blog’. Haha!

Who am I? I’m an introvert, eccentric, ‘feminist’. I’m a pro over-thinker. I’m a creative person. I enjoy spending time with the people I love, doing outdoor activities and long walks on the beach (Haha!). You’ll learn more about me through my posts..

What I’m trying to accomplish from this blog is:
#1 This is a place for me to just lay down all my thoughts, like a journal.
#2 I would like to inspire other people and most importantly..
#3 I want to hear what the world has to say because I’m not always right about everything, I am not all knowing nor will I pretend to be.

I want to know who feels in similar ways that I do, and how you can bring different perspectives on the topics of these posts! Some of these posts are for my personal fun; like talking about motorcycling or travelling, but others are heavier; like discussing the topics of how bad this society has become. I’m on this platform for two reasons, hoping to get validation of my thoughts and hoping to unite people so we can all go in the same direction! Hopefully towards happiness for all and peace on earth! I know, I’m being very optimistic, but I feel there is a wind of change in the air and I want to take advantage of it! So who’s with me?