Hi world!
You are probably wondering what that strange word is. “Did she make a typo?” Here’s the story of how this word came to be and why it should start spreading like wild fire.

I’ve been becoming more and more sensitive to the world and society that surrounds me lately. Some would say I’m having an awakening! If you’re in a similar situation, maybe you’ll be able to relate; what I’ve been seeing and understanding, I dislike very much. In fact, it scares me.

In today’s society, many would describe “Feminism” as the movement towards equality between sexes. Today, I would describe myself as a Feminist. But it’s time for a change.

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but that word, in this society, is not perceived very well at all. And I don’t know if you noticed, but there are too many misconceptions on what the movement is. I believe that many misconceptions are rooted in the the name itself. Fem-inism. Does this word not sound pro women? I find it biased, and I understand how, in this society, men, even women, do not want to be associated with this word. Some say Feminism is a movement to bring women to the top and abolish all that is ‘man’, some say it’s for women to be equal to men, but I disagree with all of it.

In this day and age, I don’t believe we can afford to restrict ourselves, firstly to our binary gender, on the simple basis that gender identity is much more complexe and defined now, and secondly I dont believe we should restrict ourselves to gender. What about trying to fix ALL of the inequalities: sexe, skin colour, culture, religion, etc. The list goes on and on and on and on. I believe that as an educated society, we owe it to ourselves to unite against discrimination and bigotry! There, I said it.

I read this fabulous article called Why I don’t want women to become ‘equal to men’, written by Jessica Eaton, and I strongly suggest everyone read it! I will also leave a short list of other interesting sources of information one may want to look into at the end of this article.

After reading this article, I felt compelled to send it to everyone I knew! Which is the responsible thing to do, in my opinion, if I want change to happen; spread the word! I had an amazing discussion with my friend Katherine, and this is where the term Reloveütion comes from!

We both felt that the stigma around the word feminism created opposition for no reason. Shouldn’t we be trying to unite instead of oppose? I believe if the word was more inclusive, more people would feel the need to get involved! As we both concluded, the term feminism was coined a long time ago and changing it “would cause a lot of harm to the feminist scholars and the literature behind the women’s movement”, she said. I agreed, but I argued that it was time for a change. Changing the approach, changing the scope of the movement would then allow a broader spectrum of people to join; because it is not only a movement about women! The movement essentially is to abolish the patriarchy for the benefit of all sexes, and I would say it has an even larger benefit than that! And by patriarchy I don’t mean men. What I’m talking about is all this pressure people feel to fit in molds created by who? This topic deserves a post on it’s own, so I’ll write about that another day.

So by finding a new name, we were in sorts creating a new movement. But these movements don’t need to be perceived as different, or as opposing. The goals are slightly different; more inclusive, but the way to achieve the goal is essentially the same. At first we thought of Counterpatriarchism, but that idea didn’t stick long; as it was also creating a feeling of opposition, was difficult to pronounce, and we determined it would rapidly gain as bad of a stigma as the word feminism has now.

Our approach was then re-oriented towards finding a word that would push society to evolve and to let go of archaic beliefs. A word that would focus on the objective instead of pointing towards the victim or the problem. That is when I fell upon this post from Jezebel that contains a plethora of words, all more vibrant than the other, to change it up! Many of the suggestions were pro-fem, but it was very interesting to read them all! This might be the right moment to reiterate; I’m not against pro-fem, I’m against the feeling of discrimination towards others.

A month later, as I was out shopping with my future husband, following him around a mountain bike shop because he really wants me to mountain-bike with him; there I was, standing in front of it! A big banner announcing the newest revolutionary bicycle, and it sparked; the word Revolution, in all it’s glory.

Of course I couldn’t simply take a common word and use it for the name of a movement that I hope will someday be global! So by simply shuffling around a few letters, the word Reloveütion is born. Pronounced ree-love-you-shion, I believe it reorients the focus on the emotion of love. Because that is the most important. Loving one another and ourselves, and loving differences and most importantly accepting them and respecting them.

Ways you can use this word:
As a noun: This is a Reloveütion. I am for the Reloveütion. Reloveütion is great!
As an adjective: I am a Reloveütionist. This is a Reloveütionist comment. Oh, how Reloveütionist of you, that’s great!
As a verb: We are Reloveütioning together. We unite to Reloveütion together. Everyone should practice Reloveütioning.

In this new movement, I want all sexes, all races, all religions, etc. to unite against discrimination. People need to understand they can’t just fight against one type of discrimination and then spread discrimination somewhere else! One cannot fight for e.g.: Black Lives Matter and then discriminate e.g.: the LGBT+; because all victims of discrimination feel the same way, and have the same rights to freedom. The logic is simple, if you feel discriminated in a way, you believe you have rights, well so do all the others. I don’t believe this is very difficult to understand, and I don’t believe I need to further explain myself, but if you feel like discussing, please e-mail, I’ll try to answer! Thank you in advance for your comments!

As promised, here are a few other useful sources of information:
The Mask You Live In – Documentary about the social pressure on men and how it affects society
Miss Representation – Documentary about the representation of women on the media and how it’s affecting women’s lives
Je ne suis pas un homme facile (I Am Not an Easy Man) – Movie about a chauvinist waking up in a different world where women’s and men’s roles are reversed


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